Friday, April 10, 2009

"lobero building", Santa Barbara

9 x 12, oil on canvas board, sold

This is a commission I did for a lady that has an office in this building. She saw me painting one day on the street and stopped to look. She saw me finishing the Canon Perdido painting that was posted a few posts back. I think she recently got this office and was super happy with it, and happy being down town and all. We really do have a wonderful little area to work and live in. I feel like I am getting to know this city like I never imagined possible. By going out every day at lunch to paint I really do observe the people and the places and the trees and plants and how they all interact with eachother. Since I realized that I could paint at lunch I have been much happier. If I am able to create something during the day I feel like I am getting somewhere, like I am advancing in some way. Even if it is only for an hour atleast it is something. I have been really lucky lately in that I have had commissions to do paintings of locals within minutes of where I work. Just today I got another one to do De la Guerra street looking towards the mountains. I was already planning on doing it but knowing that it is for someone special for a special occasion makes it that much more meaningful. I look forward to starting that next week. It is going to be the biggest painting I have attempted at lunch, 15 x 30. So, I would imagine it will take atleast 6-8 lunches. 

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