Monday, October 26, 2009

California Street

oil on canvas
8 x 16

I made this the last time I was in San Francisco. Even if you havn't experienced SF yourself you probably of heard how cold it can get on a nice sunny day. Well, you see that shadow in the painting? I was standing in it for almost two hours. I definitely learned my lesson and I vowed not to be unprepared next time. I just have to remember its like painting in the Sierras in the winter.

After painting for the last few years in downtown Santa Barbara, it was a trip to see how different everyone was in San Francisco. Everyone was in a hurry, had about 20 seconds to stop, say something nice and then move on before I could even turn around. The Santa Barbara Pedestrians roll by super slow and if they are interested usually hang out for a while. Sometimes a little too long if you ask me... lol

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  1. very very nice, i like. isabelle


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