Monday, January 4, 2010

Courthouse Fountain Shadows - Santa Barbara

"Courthouse Fountain Shadows"
11 x 14 inches
oil on linen panel

I was prepared for the sun to creep around the trees and reveal all the detail on the fountain. The strong shadow was a surprise but I loved the interesting shape it made. Maybe next time I will be even more prepared for this moment.


  1. Gilles would have purchese this one... Isabelle

  2. Yu-ummm, wonderful! I'm a newbie photog and particularly love finding shadow shapes to focus on. (BTW, I've been writing a daily dream poem and posting an accompanying photo-a-day to one of my blogs for some time. It's a fabulous journey.)

  3. Thanks Roswila, we are lucky to be in a time and place that allows us to express ourselves so easily.


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