Thursday, January 14, 2010

De La Guerra Street - Santa Barbara Cityscape

"De La Guerra Morning"
16 x 20
oil on linen on board

I made this last Wed on the morning after it rained. It was supposed to be raining in the morning so I felt lucky to come out to beautiful conditions like this. The clouds kept sweeping across the mountains which gave me ample chance to paint them. Somebody who stopped said it reminded them of how SB might have felt 40 years ago. I think I will use this for my invite for my next show, January 31st. I painted myself into it, walking down the street leaving my office job and taking my tie off for the last time(I hope). If you do want to purchase this piece I will want to hold onto it through the 31st as I want it in the show.

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  1. I reconise you!!!! lol One day you will be célèbre!!! Isabelle xxx


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