Thursday, January 28, 2010

Loma Alta, Mesa, Santa Barbara Daily Painting

"Loma Alta by Moon Light"
18 x 24 inches
oil on canvas

This is one of my favorite roads in Santa Barbara. I always find an excuse to use it, especially at night when you can see the city lights. The moon light is mysterious, both in the emotions it evokes and the way it changes the landscape. The cool blue or purple that it casts takes some creativity to see and to paint. Next time you are outside in the full moon look at the color of the sidewalk and see if you can figure out what color you would paint it.


  1. This is now another of Potter's beautiful pieces hanging in our living room. We live just below this street and love the way Chris has portrayed its colors at night. Thanks again! LS&DZ

  2. This one is especially lovely. I hope you will paint other nocturnal, moonlit views. Congratulations on following your bliss and creating such beautiful work.

  3. The hard part about moonlit views is that they are so rare. I am really lucky if everything aligns so that I can paint on those few evenings a month with strong enough light, with clear skys, and energy to stay up late. Oh, and if its not too cold.


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