Tuesday, January 19, 2010

State Street and Cota Street, Santa Barbara Daily Painting

"State Street Rain"
8 x 10 inches
oil on linen panel

Apparently we have a week of rain in the forecast. This makes it tough for an outdoor painter. Today, I was lucky and set up in a spot that did not totally soak my palette and canvas. I was right next to Joe's Cafe on State St. I had a breakfast burrito and coffee from them which was unbelievable. I think the painting reflects my happy state of being. Yesterday, I was not so lucky. I found a spot in the alcove for the resturant Opel, right next to the Arlington Theater. When I started the rain was coming straight down. By the time I finished it was flying under their awning and splashing all over the painting and the palette. The one good thing that happened is the manager of the restaurant brought me out a really hot coffee which basically made my morning. The painting definitely didn't, so I won't be posting it without a little more work

This is the reality I painted from - I thought it might be cool for ya'll to see...


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