Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wilcox Property on the Mesa, Santa Barbara Daily Painting

"Wilcox Vista"
5 x 7 inches
oil on panel

I have always wanted to fly. Not fly like a plane but fly like birds fly. Specifically, like a red tailed hawk. When I was young I would imagine that as a hawk I could fly all along the coast going up and down along the cliff walls. Then taking off way up into the sky as high as the mountains. I could go anywhere and see the land and sea from every possible  perspective. Often times I would dream about flying and every once in a while I would actually pull it off. During my dream something would connect in my brain and I would start levitating away. Each time I would get to that place in my dream I thought it was reality and my mind would start to race about how everything would be different now that I knew how to fly. I felt powerful but at the same time humbled. By experiencing those two feelings together I realized that was the ultimate gift. The veils of reality where stripped away and I saw the world for what it really was. A place that is nurturing us and helping us to understand that we can fly. And if we figure it out, it's a place where we can spread our wings and feel the most glorious of things.

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