Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Arroyo Burro Beach, Santa Barbara

"Arroyo Burro Gold"
34 x 20 inches
oil on canvas

This was a commissioned piece and the people who commissioned it haven't seen it yet. I am still waiting for it to dry to present it to them. (they loved it!, so its still sold,). I spent some time with the overall design before I started painting it. This view is nice because you can see the road on the right hand side going up to Hope Ranch. Also, being this close to the creek running out, it looks like a creek rather then just a dark line in the sand, as it does a little further down the beach. The inspiration for the piece was to catch a little bit of that golden glow right before sunset. At the same time it needed some cooler colors to fit the spot where this piece will hang. Please let me know if you want something like this for your home, I am down for commissions - especially ones that allow to me to do what I am already doing - going to work in the best spots in SB!


  1. We loved this picture the minute chris showed it to us and we see more in it everytime we look at it!

    Chris understood exactly what we were looking for when we discussed this commission and has exceeded all our expecations with this picture of one of our favorite Santa Barbara spots.

    We really love his work and can highly reccomend him as a commission artist.

    No, its not for sale!

  2. hi chris. i am very good friend of Chris L and was speaking to him yesterday from here in england and he was telling me who much he loved the painting. i visited chris a few years ago and strolled along that beach - what a lovely placewhich you have caught so well.
    i have since discovered watercolour painting and really regret not taking my paints to Santa B. hope you get all the commissions you deserve. regards ian morgan.


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