Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hendry's Beach, Santa Barbara

"Hendry's Softly"
6 x 12 inches
oil on canvas

I painted this yesterday in the evening before the sunset started changing the color of the sky. I am really happy with the stokes of paint making up the cliff and the highlights on the rocks. The clouds are a little more evident in the actual painting. You can see the faint outline of Stork Tower at UCSB in the distance. I really enjoyed making this, I hope you guys like it. Just to see if your paying attention please comment below and tell me what one of the two Hendry's Beach paintings I did today is better, and why. Please respond in under 1000 words, thanks. 


  1. I prefer this one. I like the frame that was selected as the big sky is less interesting. I really like easy to see stroke. I enjoy the people since they could be me walking.

  2. I like the definition of the rocks on this one. This would be my favorite

  3. Hendry's 1 has nice contrast between the dull grey and warm yellows - nice balance. Something about the bluff strokes captures the essence of the geology and terrain in a nice gestural manner.


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