Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yosemite Valley, California

"Yosemite on Credit"
12 x 16 inches
oil on board

Since I am on the subject of painting challenges I thought it would be appropriate to post this painting. We where on a family trip, so we agreed that I would only paint one or two times during it. We where in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Yosemite. There where so many subjects I wanted to paint but I only could do one piece. So, we had breakfast and they dropped me off at this spot with all my gear and where going to return in 3 hrs. I set up my easel, got all my paint ready and then guess what, no brushes! Dude! I was going to sit down and cry but after a half hour of frustration and searching my bags over and over again some rouge brush, I decided to take it as a challenge and calmed down. All I had on me that was possible was a credit card. I broke it into a few different size strips and went about applying paint to the canvas. You can see from the detail below it ended up turning into a nice surface.

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  1. leave the brushes home more often, The card is more organic than your brushwork


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