Friday, July 16, 2010

Alice Keck Park Park, Downtown, Santa Barbara

"A K P P Layers"
9 x 12 inches
oil on panel

There was a lot of action at the park today. In the few hours I was there I got to see a dance class practicing their routine, a drawing class for youngsters who where drawing leaves near me, then the Frisbee throwers who also where gymnasts and did karate, and of course the photo class from Brooks. Luckily they weren't doing that project where they have to go out and take a picture of an another artist otherwise they would have fought over me. I did make it into the class as the teacher was pointing out how many things painters can vary in forming compositions. Lately I basically change everything a little bit to get my message across. One of the feelings I have when I am in SB is the sense that the mountains are standing over us. In reality they appear much lower toward the horizon then they feel in my opinion. So I almost always make a little taller and a little warmer to bring them closer to us.

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