Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jade Cove Morning, Big Sur, California

"Jade Cove Morning"
18 x 24 inches
oil on linen panel

Big Sur is one of those places that immediately stuns you with its beauty. The way the land meets the sea is dramatic and inspiring. The huge bays and rocky points going into the distance can make you feel insignificant. The rough ocean with 15 ft waves crashing and spraying over the rocks make you feel fragile. At moments I just stood in awe while the sun rose to first reveal the contours of the mountains then and then the details of the cliffs. This spot is only 3 hrs drive from Santa Barbara - why don't we all get up there more?


  1. Nice painting Chris. I'm in Big Sur as a campground host and am loving it for photography.

  2. In the few days I was there I saw some amazing things. I especially love all the effects that happen from the misting ocean.

  3. Chris, my grandfather was born in 1881 in a house on the Jade Cove bluff. His name was Ed Plaskett. I, like you, roamed the hillsides of the coastal region of California. I share your love for the beauty. I do not however have the artistic ability to paint those images as you have so aptly done.

    If I commissioned a piece might you consider? No rush, I do have pictures which I can show you. Our family has a cabin on Plaskett Ridge Road that has some awesome views and the history of our family is rich.

    Jade Cove belonged to William Lucas Plaskett, father of Byran Plaskett my grandfather's father. Plaskett Creek has an old mine my grandfather and his brother mined.

    Anyway, it would be good to talk as we share the passion for the area.


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