Friday, January 14, 2011

"De la Guerra Colors", Santa Barbara

My approach to creating art has been to always be learning and changing but for a reason.  I am shy to add new ideas, elements, or colors. Each new thing must work with all the rest before them. Since I have been painting so much this past year I feel like zeroing in on color combinations. When you do that you get to better understand their interaction and then can play with them more. And really that is what it is all about, play. To have mastery of the elements, to understand light, abstract design and perspective. Most importantly to have a reason to paint, a worthy motive, something that inspires you to rise above the ordinary. Something that inspires you to dance... a beautiful moment near sunset on De la Guerra and State, now preserved in my memory and canvas more then a few times. I made this one in the studio thinking about those warm moments.

"De la Guerra Colors"
20 x 30 inches
oil on canvas

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