Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"East Beach Curves", Santa Barbara

"East Beach Curves"
30 x 48
oil on canvas

I never had so much fun down on East Beach. The early bird gets the worm as they say. I was out here(with the birds) from sunrise till around 10am every day for 4 days. Even though it was cold, there was no wind until I was leaving. It was crisp and clear and nearly the same every morning. Quite a bit different experience then the first time I did this view which I posted 10 days ago.

Please email me if you are interested in getting a print of this piece. They are super high quality prints that are captured using the latest 39 Megapixel Camera. They are printed on Canvas using the best Epson printers and inks. 

16 x 10 inches = $100

24 x 15 inches = $200

32 x 20 inches = $280

48 x 30 inches = $500 (actual size of original)

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