Sunday, April 17, 2011

Haskell's Beach, Goleta

"Haskell's Beach"
18 x 24 inches
oil on panel

I was almost alone on two perfect days down on the beach. The two seagulls where watching me eat my sandwich, waiting for leftovers that wouldn't come.

I didn't include any of the oil piers because I know we will get our act together and ban all oil drilling on the coast soon. I totally thought we did that already, but Veneco has got some new leases out here. Its really one of the most beautiful stretches of beaches in the world and its littered with tons of junk and pollution from the last oil companies. It also sports some sort of refinery that you can't go within 500 feet or you get cancer. Anyone else down to get these things removed?


  1. Beautiful! This piece is especially striking. Well done!

  2. Remember Haskell's meadow before the Barcara? Can we remove that sprawling stucco tumor, too?

  3. oh god, one day we will restore what was lost. Until then we will further soil this place...


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