Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Rattlesnake Canyon Trees", Santa Barbara

"Rattlesnake Canyon Trees"
5 x 7 inches
oil on panel

Sometimes I have a really hard time settling in on a subject. I wondered up Rattlesnake Canyon with no real objective except to explore and be inspired. While the creek was flowing and it was beautiful I still found it hard to see something I wanted to paint. As I hiked up the creek these big Sycamores hanging over the creek inspired me but I couldn't find a place to set up and paint them that wasn't in the river or in poison oak. I wondered up the creek some more and was starting to feel desperate to paint as the sun was going below the ridge line. Nothing looked fun and I was feeling like a failure. I turned around and saw those same trees from above and went for it. Quite an ordeal to make a little study...

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