Thursday, May 5, 2011

Call for Artists - Plein Air Santa Barbara

Plein Air Santa Barbara is a friendly “quick draw” painting competition held at Casa De la Guerra in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara that celebrates both outdoor painting and our beautiful city. Its a way for the artists and the community to interact en masse. The tradition of plein air painting started by Cezanne, Monet, and Van Gogh is still being carried on today. Instead of painting your subject in the confines of your studio, you are in plein air, experiencing your subject. The art created this way has a spark and a freshness that cannot be duplicated in the studio. The masters chose subjects that represented their time and place. We are doing the same thing right now and feel it is just as important as it was back then. Let’s celebrate our city as it is now, beautiful and vibrant and ours.

I hope for this to become an annual event, as it’s a perfect fit for a long summer evening in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara. If you paint in the popular areas, like State St, The Presidio or on De la Guerra Street there will be plenty of opportunities to hand out your card and promote the show.

If you are interested in participating please email ( the following: 
1) a short note about yourself and your contact information(email, phone, address) 
2) jpg’s of three recent plein air paintings 
3) your website address
4) any ideas or help in making this an amazing event appreciated 

It will cost $25 to participate(to be sent later) and a 25% commission to be retained. The artists keep 75% of sale.
Deadline to Submit is June 15th, 2011
(There is limited space so please let me know soon) Email: 
(805) 252-7052,
I will email you back shortly thereafter to confirm your attendance. Also, please submit any Santa Barbara Cityscapes that I might be able to use for marketing.

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