Monday, November 21, 2011

"Devereux, Sands, Gaviota", Coal Oil Point, Goleta

"Devereux, Sands, Gaviota"
18 x 24 inches
oil on canvas

I grew up going to this beach. We used to walk across the slough at low tide. You had to be careful of the "quick mud" which wouldn't kill you but would definitely eat your shoe. There where a lot of different birds I remember, but I really didn't see them until recently. There is a reason Autobon counts this as one of the best bird watching sites in the country.  But don't leave your vehicle and paint a painting because the UC parking authority will give you a ticket for $45. This place should be guarded for the public's use not the UC's. We should be charging them for using our land. Do you feel me?


  1. I have pictures of my dad, in 1960 as a freshman at UCSB, playing football with his buddies at that beach. I also have similar memories of the " quick mud"! and skipping rocks in the vernal pools, as we walked through toward the beach. As an adult, my husband and I lived in married student housing just at the beginning of the road, and spent many hours walking, riding through, and surfing... Totally love that place... Keep painting! One day I'll be able to buy one!:)

  2. They are reclaiming the golf course for natural space and building houses at Canon Green and Phelps. I wonder when they will finally tell the oil companies to leave - and to clean up all the crap they have left behind


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