Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Midnight at Mesa Lane with the Full Moon", Santa Barbara

"Midnight at Mesa Lane with the Full Moon"
12 x 16 inches
oil on linen

I found myself at 1:30 am last night finishing this piece down on the beach at Mesa Lane. It was a full moon. I was about to fall over from fatigue and despite the several layers I had on, it was really cold. Then I realized I still had to clean up, pack up and walk up all those stairs. I could't make another stroke after that.

I have since worked on it in the studio and came to this result. Another thing I realized is how disturbing the light of the headlamp can be to seeing anything at night. Once your pupils are dilated you can't see half of what you did before. The next full moon my strategy will be to watch for 15 minutes w/o the headlamp, and then paint for 15 with it based on my memory.


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