Monday, January 30, 2012

"Our Beach Colors", Our Beach, Goleta

"Our Beach Colors"
18 x 36 inches
oil on canvas

I arrived as the sun rose and watched the orange and red ice plant begin to radiate with color. The contrast with the cool blues and aquas of the ocean was breathtaking. I feel like I am actually perceiving their real color where as before I was still painting what I thought was their real color. You can always see things differently if you try. 


  1. It's not "our" beach, it's "R" beach. Lotta people make that mistake. It actually is the letter "R" from a guy's first name, but I don't know the connection. There used to be a letter "R" painted on the brick piling just before the now eroded old cliff road down to the beach, but someone painted the whole damn thing.

    1. I do know that brick pile and it was "our" beach because we owned it for many years...


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