Thursday, November 15, 2012

"R Beach Sunset", Ellwood Preserve, Goleta

"R Beach Sunset"
18 x 24 inches
oil on linen

Those posts are the last remnants of a seawall that stretched from here to where the Bacarra is now. Some oil companies built them years ago. For some reason they weren't responsible for removing it along with tons of other debris along the shore.

As I stand out here today and see the most beautiful view. There is sea life and bird life everywhere. You can see Devereux Point and Santa Cruz Island. There are butterflies literally everywhere you look. I just can't believe anyone could come down here and say, "This looks like a good place for some oil piers and heavy machinery."

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  1. You've been busy.

    Can't wait to see this one in person!

    It's a great painting.


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