Monday, January 12, 2015

"El Capitan Cove New Years Day", El Capitan State Beach, Santa Barbara, California

"El Capitan Cove New Years Eve", 12 x 36, oil on canvas, $850

This is another one from my recent camping trip to El Capitan State Beach. After cooking all morning, we went out to the cove with the kids. I dropped my easel off in the little grassy clearing with this view. My friend, his kid and my two walked around the cove on the other side to swim and find fossils. We all did the Polar Bear, which I understand to be jumping in the freezing ocean on new years eve. We where all hooting and hollering like crazed kids, which we where. Everyone seemed to find a plant fossil besides my friend who is a geologist... very suspicious.
After we where done they dropped me off at my easel and my buddy took my kids back to camp. I finished in time to see the sunset as I triumphantly came back with this painting.

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