Monday, March 23, 2015

"Wharf Portrait", Santa Barbara, California

"Wharf Portrait"
8x6 inches
oil on panel
gifted to the cook at Shellfish Company

I always find it very satisfying and important to get to know the cooks that make my food. Ishmael is one of my buddies that I get to hang out with when I paint on the wharf. We have now known each other for three years and I am down for whatever he makes me, especially the seafood pasta with choppino sauce which isn't on the menu...

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  1. Cool Chris, you are the man ! "Ishmael !" Wow, what a perfect Melvillian name to work at the ShellFish Co. . . . only thing more appropriate would have been if he worked at Moby Dick's !

    Is there a guy out there named "Starbuck?" or "Ahab."


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