Monday, June 13, 2016

"Arles and the Grand Rhone", France.

"Arles and the Grand Rhone", France. 8x6 inches, oil on linen panel, sold.  
Today we split our group so my son, Malakye and I could do all the Roman monuments and Van Gogh Foundation. My wife and daughter went to the salt marsh to buy salt, ride horses and swim in the Mediterranean. 
While the city of Arles does not own a single Van Gogh painting, they do have 30 on loan for a show right now. Malakye walked around to each painting with me and gave me his impression and listened to all my observations. Near the end, the 9 yr old said, " You know Papa, this is really boring for me but I'm doing it because I know it means a lot to you". After that I took him to his favorite place in Arles, the Cryptopolis, a huge underground Roman Cellar perfectly preserved after 2k years. Then we did the Arena, where I made this painting from the top while he read Fellowship of the Ring. We then met the lovely ladies for dinner at the nicest restaurant in the area for a real Provincal meal. 

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