Monday, June 20, 2016

"Compomoro Coast", Corsica

"Compomoro Coast", Corsica. 12x16 inches, oil on panel, $700
Another day in Hawaii, oh wait, I'm in Corsica! I can tell because the bread and wine are magnifique! We woke up late, then spent the middle part of the day on the beach. We left the beach at 2:30 tired and hungry, looking forward to some legendary pizza Julie had told us about for the past two weeks. We straggled down the beach and up the hill to find the kitchen closed. Not only that, every kitchen in town was closed till 7pm. We learned a valuable lesson, never get caught looking for food during the siesta hours. The good news is we had Corsican wine at our apartment... and some charcuterie ingredients for the kids. 

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