Thursday, July 14, 2016

"Vernassa Colors", Cinque Terre, Italy

"Vernassa Colors", Cinque Terre, Italy. 40x60 cm, oil on canvas, sold. 
I left the apartment early while Julie watch the kids. A short train ride from Manarola is Vernazza, a little bigger and equally picturesque. My friends asked me for this particular view and I was anxious not to disappoint. I made my way up the trail and found a little shade behind the toll booth. The attendant was cool and said I could kick it there w/o having to pay the toll. It costs money to hike between towns here. Either I was lucky or they built the buildings at just the right angle to be shaded from the midmorning sun. It was hot clear and calm, like so many days here before. Hundreds of people walking by from every country all cheering me on. It was the best spot to paint on my trip in terms of view, friendliness and magic! Afterwards I got to jump off the rocks into the cool green water with he kids, then we ate lunch at the cafe just below the castle tower. 

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