Thursday, July 14, 2016

Crown of Manarola near Sunset", Cinque Terre, Italy.

"Crown of Manarola near Sunset", Cinque Terre, Italy. 30x40 cm, oil on canvas board, $350. 
What a relief to be on the coast again! And in one of the most picturesque places on Earth. We are staying in the village of Manarola, a short walk up from the train station and on the steps of the trail that connects this village to the next one. Our first afternoon here we ran down to the little cove for swimming and jumping from the rocks. Julie into diced herself to a Medusa(jelly fish that stings painfully.) The rest of our time here we where super cautious and aware of their presence. That evening I hiked up the hill and got this view of the top of Manarola. As I was hiking by a tourist had hiked down a little path to have his girlfriend take a picture of him. I walked by and thought not s great place to be, with a 20ft drop. I was already past them and I heard a grunt and a Yelp. I turned and saw he had fallen off the ledge! He was hanging by a thin rope panicking trying to get some footing with no success. His girlfriend, was clambering down the trail in high heels, still holding her selfie stick. I ran back caught his arm and pulled him up. He said in a thick Chinese accent, "my hero, my hero!"

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