Saturday, July 9, 2016

"Piazza Garibaldi", Livorno, Italy

"Piazza Garibaldi", Livorno, Italy. 6x8 inches, watercolor on paper, $350.

We took a ferry from the top of Corsica to Livorno, Italy. It's always exciting coming to a new city, and especially when it's in a new country. Julie's first time in Italy actually and the first time on our trip she couldn't speak the local language. We decided to go out for a light lunch. Julie said she wasn't even hungry. A charcuterie plate followed by pasta, lasagna and pizza accompanied by a bottle of local vino bianco. The kids did some recon and it turned out the restaurant made their own gelato. We all had two scoops and went to our B&B for a nap. The good news is we didn't need a formal dinner that night. We explored the city, walking along its Venice like canal, having some more wine and appetizers in a large open air market with live music. We ended up in our little square where Zenia made friends some local kids. Like her mother she doesn't let a language barrier get in the way. They played soccer and hide in seek all the time communicating in the worldly dialect of children having fun. 

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