Sunday, July 17, 2016

"Vernazza Morning with Trail", Cinque Terre, Italy

"Vernazza Morning with Trail", 50x100cm, oil on canvas, $2200. 
We where supposed to be heading to Venice but our kids where totally burned out after 5 weeks. They certainly had enough of hot, crowded cities. So we decided to extend our stay on the Ligurian Coast in Moneglia. It's a great beach town with 90% Italian people walking the streets. A refreshing change to be off the typical tourist track. The first day here though, I ran down to the train station at 6am to get back to Vernazza and paint this. I had the place to myself till mid morning until the droves of hikers started coming by. I was back in Moneglia by 3:00 to enjoy a Spritz at the local bar. 

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  1. The art for about the city venies that you show me is very great. The oil paint are beautiful . And thank you for sharing a bit of painting with us. It very nice and great.


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