Friday, July 22, 2016

"Aosta Valley Dusk", Marsan, Italian Alp's

"Aosta Valley Dusk", Marsan, Italian Alp's. 30x60 cm, oil on canvas, $850. 
We are all quite tired from our nearly 2 month journey abroad. Everyone would rather sit and read a book instead of going to see a 14th century castle. Still we perceiver. We drove up into Cogne yesterday, an amazing town in a small valley between dramatic mountains. Meadows lead to hiking trails that lead to waterfalls. After some trout, suckling pig and veal we headed for the Lillaz waterfall. It was just a short walk amongst wildflowers and butterfly's eating a few wild strawberries and taking pictures at every turn. Then back to read more books while I painted this from the back porch of our flat in Marsan. 

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