Thursday, September 22, 2016

"Bacara Party for Taste of the Town", Goleta, California.

"Bacara Party for Taste of the Town", Goleta, California.
12 x 16 inches, oil on linen panel, Auctioned.

Every your the Arthritis Foundation has a big charity event called Taste of the Town. They asked me to provide the image for their marketing. We used a painting of Henrys Beach, which I also donated for their auction. The live auction was held at the Bacara. I brought my lovely wife. We had appetizers and local wines while I painted a smallish painting. I finished up the painting as dinner commenced. Then the auctions started. They brought up my big beautiful Hendry's Beach Painting framed by Distinctive Framing. They started the bidding and there where several people interested. It quickly got to $2800, then we made the pot a little sweeter and the auctioneer asked me to bring up the painting I had been working on. We would give this painting to the winner of the auction. It reinvigorated the bidding and it got to $3750! It was really amazing and I was really happy to be able to donate such a large amount to the Arthritis Foundation.

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