Friday, October 7, 2016

"Coast is Clear at More Mesa", Goleta, California

"Coast is Clear at More Mesa", 24x60 inches, oil on canvas, $3200 framed. 

The big view from the More Mesa Bluffs. It's normally a nice 3/4 mile walk out there that takes 20 minutes. I took way to big a canvas for 20mph winds. I had to hold on to it as it was whipping around while I had all my gear on my pull cart. I didn't have all the straps I needed so it kept falling off along the way. It felt like it took an hour to get there. Then when finally I did make it out there I couldn't step away from the easel for fear it would get blown over. After 3 hours I had the whole thing covered with my initial lay in. A couple huge gusts of wind blew dust into the wet paint and my palette. I limped home carrying the painting over my head so it wouldn't be completely ruined. I couldn't muster the strength to go out there again with this beast so I did this at home in the comfort of my front yard

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