Thursday, May 19, 2016

"Wharf Profile", Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara, California

"Wharf Profile", 30x24 inches, oil on canvas, original for $1200. 

There are fine art Giclee prints available of this image. A 30x24 giclee on canvas is $500.
There are 19/20 prints still available. Please see my print website, for more available prints.

The wind backed off and left us with a cool, clear December day. This was painted in the afternoon assisted by the warm sun.

"Haskell's with The Bacara", Goleta, California

"Haskell's with The Bacara", 12x24 inches, oil on canvas, $550

Fine Art Giclee Prints available of this image. Printed on canvas and stretched for $300. Please see my print website at for other available prints.
All of us Goletians have feelings about this beach and the resort that now sits on sacred ground. To their credit, they host an art show to benefit the Gaviota Coast... And they did get a hundred or so prints from me for their guest rooms. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"May Marine Layer from the Wharf", Santa Barbara, California

"May Marine Layer from the Wharf", 24x60 inches, oil on canvas, $3500

After a whole day of grey weather when the sun does come out, it's extra brilliant. It was amazing how it poked through to illuminate the sides of the buildings just at the right time. Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

"May Gray Day", Gaviota Coast, Santa Barbara, California

"May Gray Day", 24x30 inches, oil on canvas, $1100. The marine layer has been present in the first week of May. Low clouds and fog usually means less wind. A great time to post up on a cliff on the Gaviota Coast. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

"More Mesa Paradise", Santa Barbara, California

"More Mesa Paradise", 24x60 inches, oil on canvas, $3200. I had to revisit this view before the flowers where gone. It's so nice to have big bands of color to work with. Even if it's half make believe. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

"Blue, Orange, Green, Butterfly", Montecito, California

"Blue, Orange, Green, Butterfly", 40x40 inches, oil on canvas, sold
I made this at home from memory as the canvas. Painting on location is my preferred method but because everything changes so fast I sometimes find myself rushing thru it like a whirlwind. I enjoyed taking my time with this one over a few days in the shade on my porch.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"Big Butterfly Cypress", Montecito, California

"Big Butterfly Cypress", 36x48 inches, oil on canvas, sold

This tree won't be here forever. We should plan another one next to it right now. Best shade on the beach spot in Santa Barbara. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

"Blooming Botanic Garden", Santa Barbara, California

"Blooming Botanic Garden", 24x36 inches, oil on canvas, $1400
I hung out and answered questions for Senior Free Day at the SB Botanic Garden.  If I do it again I'm thinking I'll bring some supplies for people to paint their own piece.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

"Afternoon Ambiance on State Street", Santa Barbara, California

"Afternoon Ambiance on State Street", 6x8 inches, oil on canvas, $120
Street views are really not easy. I still find it hard to trust perspective lines. State is especially tough because it has a significant grade downhill.

"Dusk in the Theater District", State Street, Santa Barbara, California

"Dusk in the Theater District", 6x6 inches, oil on panel, $100
I made this during my last 1st Thursday art show. There was just enough rain to create some street reflections. And the Arlington had a great movie playing. If you'd like to see me make another one come to next 1st Thursday at Distinctive Gallery, 1331 State Street. May 5th, 5-8pm.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

"Sunset at Goleta Beach", Goleta, California

"Sunset at Goleta Beach", 6x8 inches, oil on panel, $120

I conducted my first painting class in a while at Goleta Beach. I provide everything for a two hour class. Easels, paint, brushes, rags, pencil, paper, medium, mineral spirits and panel to paint on. Then I walk them through the steps to completing a 6x8 piece in two hours. Everyone came away with a unique interpretation of this view. After cleaning up I was very tired... But still couldn't resist painting a little one myself. Message me your email address if you'd like to get announcements of future classes.

"More Mesa Spring Colors", Noleta, California

"More Mesa Spring Colors", 30x48 inches, oil on canvas, sold

I started this out on the bluffs and finished it home while watching The Masters. It's my favorite painting of the year as I proved to myself I can do a lot of work at home from memory. Like getting a birdie on the last hole, I can't wait to get back out there and paint another one!

Friday, April 8, 2016

"East Beach Morning Volleyball", Santa Barbara, California

"East Beach Morning Volleyball", oil on canvas, 12x24 inches, oil on canvas, sold

While it was raining today, I made this at home from memory and referencing a past painting. Its fun and surprising to see into the past. Man I knew what I was doing!

"New Year Panorama", Stearn's Wharf, Santa Barbara, California

"New Year Panorama", 20x60 inches, oil on canvas, sold. 

I originally made and signed this painting 6 months ago. I never liked the result and neither did many other people. I took it out to the wharf this afternoon and painted over the whole thing. I gave it some much needed new life in this new year. Not to mention I have a broken toe and an inch deep gash on my hand. I'm looking for some new life!

"Perfect Wave at Sands", Sands Beach, Goleta

"Perfect Wave at Sands", oil on canvas, 18x24 inches, sold. 
I made this on the studio over two years. Basically I am 95% more efficient if I'm outside looking at the spot. This was still fun to paint the wave I grew up boogie boarding.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

"Split Tree Layers", Sequoia National Forest, California

"Split Tree Layers", 8x6 inches, oil on panel, sold

I'm liking this one the more I look at it. I did it fast and furious, all instinct. 

"Snow Falling on Montecito Lake", Sequoia National Park, California

"Snow Falling on Montecito Lake", 12x9 inches, oil on linen, $350. SnowJob. I learned snow does not fall straight down and the wind in the mountains can change direction every 5 minutes. This painting is my first one including falling snow. Representational and literal.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"The Chef's House", Sequoia's, California

"The Chef's House", 6x6 inches, oil on panel, given to the head chef at Montecito Sequoia Lodge. 

This place would not be the same without this amazing chef running the show at the lodge. Every meal was well prepared and super tasty! I had to make him a painting... And was able to request bacon for our last breakfast:)

"Sequoia Morning Panorama", Sequoia national Forest, California

"Sequoia Morning Panorama", 12x24 inches, oil on canvas, gifted to Isaac at Motion Unlimited, who allows me to keep painting pain free!
By the time I finished this painting, those clouds in the distance where snowing on me.

"Sunrise after Sequoia Snow Fall", Sequoia National Forest, California

"Sunrise after Sequoia Snowfall", 11x14 inches oil on canvas, $350
8 inches fell the day/night before this crystal clear sunrise. First time I got to paint snow on the limbs of pine trees. What joy!

Monday, March 28, 2016

"General Sherman", Sequoia National Forest, California

"General Sherman", largest tree in the universe! 30x15 inches, oil on canvas, $1200. We are staying at Montecito Sequoia Lodge with a big group of Santa Barbarians. This magnificent subject is found just down The General's Highway... an aptly named road considering this tree towers over it. This was painted Easter Sunday in mid afternoon. The cool rarified air of the Sequoia's and plenty of sunshine made for an earthly paradise. I love showing people what I do and answering questions about my art and such. But 5000 of them was just a tad overwhelming to tell the truth. At first I have the vibe that I didn't want to be disturbed. That seemed to incite aggressive vibes back After hours of interactions and a beer I succumbed to their needs and started engaging everyone who needed to talk to me. I had to talk more but everyone, including myself where better for it. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

"Magnificent Miramar", Montecito, California

"Magnificent Miramar", 24x48 inches, oil on canvas, $2800.

When tourists walk by they ask me "is it always this nice in Santa Barbara?"

Im almost ashamed to tell them it is. We are too lucky to live here!

Monday, March 14, 2016

"Campus Point Swell", Goleta, California

"Campus Point Afternoon Session", 16x20 inches, oil on canvas, $old

The surfers where coming out of the water tired and happy from this all day swell a couple weeks ago. 

"Mission Wedge", Santa Barbara, California

"Mission Wedge", 9x12 inches, oil on panel, $old. 

Not sure if you heard but one of the pepper trees in front of the Mission fell in a recent storm. This view has the healthy one in it to the left there. This one is sold but let me know if you'd like the first glance of the next one I do? 
Email me at 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

"Butterfly Beach Cypress Sunset", Montecito, California

"Butterfly Beach Cypress Sunset", 16x20 inches, oil on canvas, sold

Friday, March 11, 2016

"Magical Sky at Hendry's", Santa Barbara, California

"Magical Sky at Hendry's", 24x36 inches, oil on canvas, $1600.
I'm claiming this is the best sky I've ever painted. I finally figured out how to add another layer of depth. I really can't wait to get another shot at some dramatic multi leveled clouds!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

""Figueroa Mountain from The Firestone Vineyard", Zaca Station Road, Santa Ynez, California

"Figueroa Mountain from The Firestone Vineyard", 24x30 inches, oil on canvas, $1200

Coming out to the Santa Ynez Valley makes me realize there are so many things to paint! There is so much I need to do, it's overwhelming. I'll have to do it one painting at a time and hope I get there. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"Full Color R Beach Moonrise", Goleta, California

"Full Color R Beach Moonrise", 9x12 inches, oil on panel, $280

This is an interpretation of what I remember about an amazing moonrise at Ellwood a few months ago. 

"Windy Sunset on Old San Marcos", Santa Barbara, California

"Windy Day on Old San Marcos", 6x8 inches, oil on panel, $120

Never would chosen this turnout but it was so windy it was the only option. Turns out it's a great view...

"Yellow Theme at Eiling's", Santa Barbara, California

"Yellow Theme at Eiling's", 6x6 inches, oil on panel, sold

This was done in the studio but it's got that plein air feeling. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

"R Beach Memory", Ellwood Bluffs, Goleta, California

"R Beach Memory", 6x8 inches, oil on panel, sold

Made this at midnight in my little studio room thinking about all the times I've been here throughout my years. Nothing but thankful to fate and nature for providing such amazing inspiration.

"Leadbetter from Afar", Santa Barbara, California

"Leadbetter from Afar", 20x30 inches, oil on canvas, sold

Sometimes it's nice to step way back from your subject. Even if you are in the sun and wind. 

"Gold and Green Courthouse Nocturne", Santa Barbara, California

"Gold and Green Courthouse Nocturne", 30x40 inches, oil on canvas, $2500. 
It took me months to finally finish this painting. It's just so hard to motivate to paint outside at night when everyone else is all cozy in their homes.

"Butterfly Beach Sunset Arch", Montecito, California

"Butterfly Beach Sunset Arch", oil on canvas, 16x20 inches, sold 

Love this tree for its beauty but mostly for its shade. I do have professionally made limited edition prints of this image. A 16x20 print on canvas is $350.

"Getting the Point", Del Mar Cliffs, San Diego, California

"Getting the Point", Nov 30th morning, Del Mar Cliffs looking towards Torrey Pines and La Jolla. 15 x 25 inches, oil on canvas, $600.

I really enjoyed being in Del Mar this weekend. I was able to come out to these cliffs a couple times to paint in the morning. Unlike Santa Barbara, San Diego's Coast faces west, not south. So all the coast and cliffs are in shadow through the morning.

"Torrey Pines Morning 2", Del Mar, San Diego, California

"Torrey Pines from Del Mar Morning 6x6 inches, oil on panel, $100
I had a good time trying to keep this painterly and full of color. Hoping I can do bigger one tomorrow morning...

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Torry Pines from Del Mar Morning, San Diego, California

"Torrey Pines from Del Mar Morning", 6x8 inches, oil on panel, $130
I had a good time trying to keep this painterly and full of atmosphere. Hoping I can do bigger one tomorrow morning...

Dueling Theaters, Santa Barbara, California

 Dueling Theaters, 30 x 24, oil on canvas, sold

More Mesa Vibrant Memory, Noleta, California

More Mesa Vibrant Memory, Noleta. 11 x 14 inches, oil on canvas, $300

Hammond's Point Sparkle, Montecito, California

Hammonds Point Sparkle, 9 x 12 inches, oil on panel, sold